Please follow the steps below to check availability and/or submit a booking. If you have any questions, please contact us at 636-306-2500.

  1. Enter Zip Code, Date and # hours. Click “Check Availability” — If a time slot is selectable, then it is available. If you are just casually checking available times, this is the only step you need to complete. To continue the booking process, proceed with steps 2-4.
  2. Select your desired start time. If options are limited & your event length is greater than an hour, shorten event time & click “Check Availability” again to see if any times open up were your event to be shorter.
  3. Select Package. If your desired package is greyed out, it is unavailable at the time you've selected. Pick a different package, or a different start time to see other options.
  4. After settling on number of hours, start time and package, finish filling out the form. To complete the form you'll submit a $100 deposit. You'll automatically receive a receipt and confirmation. Please LOOK at the confirmation email and verify that everything is correct. If you see any incorrect information, just reach out by replying directly to that email.
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This is the address we will be bringing the animals to - please make sure this address is ACCURATE.

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Please select a number from 1 to 5. Call 636-306-2500 if you need more hours.

Please click this button to check for availability. Once it is loaded, the selectable times are the start times AVAILABLE for the number of hours you've requested.
**If your event is longer than an hour, and you are unsatisfied with the available times, try reducing the number of hours to increase open time slots**